Over the years I’ve been creating artworks for private collectors from around the world and this lead me to some of my cherished pieces.
These private commissions are always a pleasure to do because I get to exchange ideas with the collector and together define the general concept, technique and budget.

In the end we arrive to an artwork that isn’t just my own creation but the result of a conversation between me and the collector.
If this is something that might appeal to you, feel free to reach out.

︎Step I
Think of a general ideia for a piece and any detail to be considered (a particular building, city or  element).
And of course, your budget.
︎Step II
I’ll reply with a few options for size, technique & general composition. We’ll keep talking about it until we’re both happy with it.
︎Step III
I’ll start the piece and periodically send over photos of the work in progress and some backstage access :)
︎Step IV
The artwork (with a  authenticity certificate) is safely shipped over to an address of your choosing.