Solo  Exhibition

Soul of the City

Gallery Porte B.

Saturday June 3rd, 2023
from 4 to 9pm

From June 3rd to July 29th, 2023

52 rue Albert Thomas
Paris, France

“On the occasion of his first solo exhibition in Paris, Portuguese artist Vasco Mourão invites you to a poetic urban stroll within the premises of Porte B. gallery.

From New York to Tokyo, passing through Paris and Hong Kong, he captures the striking beauty and complexity of major metropolises.

With masterful composition and meticulous technique, Vasco Mourão creates works that are both striking and subtle, capturing the essence of cities while leaving enough space for imagination and contemplation for those who observe them.”

︎︎︎ Gallery Porte B 

Limited Edition Series

Paris Lights


Glicée print on Hahnemuhle Studio 210g/m2 paper



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