Matsudo Perceptions

From November 2015 until February 2016, I was the resident artist of PARADISE AiR , in the city of Matsudo, Japan. 

The LONG Stay Program gave me the opportunity to produce a large scale artwork based in the city of Matsudo while living and engaging with the local community.

My modus operandi was very simple.
Explore, draw & exhibit.

Matsudo Perceptions, 2016
Ink on paper
2 x 1,5 m | 6 x 4 ft
Private collection


Interviews to various inhabitants of Matsudo and exploration of the city.


Gathering memories, stories and key visual references in order to understand scale and texture of the city for the final drawing.


A final exhibition showcasing all the process and the large drawing.

And a 20 meters installation to be placed in front of the JR station.
Composed of 24 flags depicting a adapted version of the original drawing.

Thanks to Junpei Mori, Shoji Wataru & Kanoko Tamura from PARADISE AiR, for all the support.
Also to  Kenichi Shikata, Kaito Otsu, Takeshi Nishio & Hajime Kato.

Last and not least to all the people we've met in Matsudo and made those 3 months such a pleasure!